Women Want this Type of Man

For a woman who is on a money mission, a man who is tender dicking is easy pickings for the pussy whipping. Hoes love a tender dick trick. It is easy work. For those of you who don’t know, a tender dick trick is a man who falls in love with every piece of pussy he gets. A trick is an easy target for a hoe, even the newest of hoes who doesn’t know how to sell pussy properly can come up off a tender dick man. A trick is his own worst enemy because he genuinely likes being lied to. Most times hoes gotta do all of this gaming and lying to a trick before he breaks her off some bread. But these tender dick tricks just go ahead and break themselves. Like, “Here bitch take all my money.” It has to be an empty feeling to want someone so bad that you will put yourself in a financial hole just for some pussy. These hoes are robbing these tricks without a gun. It’s amazing to watch the game unfold.

A man who is not used to pussy has met his match when he comes across a seductive Siren. Typically, women will string a man along as long as she can without putting out any pussy. When a woman can drain a man’s account without sleeping with him, it’s like taking candy for a baby. Speaking of babies, there are a lot of sugar babies out here, who are not giving up any sugar because they have met the right tender dick trick. Now it’s some men out here, who are not going for that shit. A hoe gotta get down and dirty and go Sunshine from Harlem Nights and put that pussy on a man. If you fuck a tender dick man and tell him a couple lies, the world is yours. This man will pay any amount to get some more of that pussy. He will do anything to keep that woman happy. Lord forbid if the woman is a squirter. For some reason men are really obsessed with women who are squirters. I have fucked a couple of squirters, and I just can’t find the joy in it. The first couple times, it was funny and interesting. But after the third time you realize that all this bitch is doing is coming over your place, fucking up your sheets, pissing in your bed, your mouth, and face. Shit just messy. Squirters are smart though. They come over your house, make a mess, and leave. See, that is a bill right there. You have to call the cleaning lady after this bitch leave.

I’m a player, so I respect the game. But at the same time, I have to educate and inform some guys who didn’t grow up in the game, or who can’t help but to think with their dick. There are a bunch of tender dick rappers and athletes who are paying child support out the ass because they fall in love with every piece of pussy they get. I was broke and fucking. Some men not as lucky. I had a little game and conversation, so I never had any problems getting women. Some men only start fucking when they become famous or start making money. When they have money, they hate to be rejected by a woman. So they break out their wallet and slowly turn into Super Trick. The male ego and pride can turn the best of men into a paymaster. You can’t buy love or trust, but you sure can lease some pussy to try and fill that void. They equate good pussy and being fucked good with love, not knowing they were being gamed the whole time. But they couldn’t see it because they were thinking with their dick. A bitch ain’t gone come up off me if I can help it. We can come up together, but as far as me being a woman’s meal ticket, NO SIR. I ain’t met one woman in this world where I’m like, “Oh this pussy so good let me get her pregnant.” I’m broke and I think like that. So if I were rich, I damn sure wouldn’t be thinking bout tipping for life, like Big Boi from Outkast says.

Fellas, it’s time to man up and get your shit together and get your tender dick under control. Fellas, you are the blessing. And the blessing always adds value. But you have to use common sense when it comes to these women and their intentions with you. Set the money on fire, trick off, buy a bitch some groceries, but ask yourself, “Would this bitch give me $20 dollars if my dick was in the dirt?” The first rule of life is self-preservation. I think some of you missed that in ethics class. Love and be generous, but don’t be a damn fool.